Matrix Biomed, Inc. has exclusive rights to the administration of TEMPOL


Robust Patent Portfolio

Matrix Biomed, Inc.’s legal team, directed by world renowned intellectual property expert Ned Israelsen, includes some of the most notable and respected leaders in the field of intellectual property and patent prosecution including K&L Gates, Knobbe Martens, and Mohr Intellectual Property Law Solutions, P.C. This team provides support and strategic development for obtaining a patent portfolio that has resulted in exclusive control over the administration of TEMPOL.

Matrix Biomed, Inc.’s innovative drug discovery and development strategy represents the forefront of pharmaceutical development delivering a more focused and directed product capable of addressing the multifactorial nature of many human diseases. These drug products are directed to address both the dysregulation of multiple genes as well as their interactions in gene regulatory networks. Matrix Biomed, Inc. departs with standard industry practices by extensively exploring the functional connection between drugs, genes, and diseases. By departing with these practices, Matrix Biomed, Inc.’s objective is to increase the relatively low rate at which novel drug candidates are translated into effective clinical therapies. With an average development timeframe of 15 years, a cost of over 1 billion U.S., and a success rate less than ten percent for discovery of a single novel drug, the pharmaceutical industry is in dire need of reformed models and practices. Only by addressing the dysregulation of multiple genes and their interactions in gene regulatory networks, Matrix Biomed, Inc. is able to deliver a therapy designed to truly revert a disease state to healthy state.

Matrix Biomed, Inc.’s revolutionary patent strategy provides a vehicle to recapture and expand expired and lost intellectual property rights through the evaluation of gene functions and application of that data to novel therapeutic methods of administration. Matrix Biomed, Inc. discovers novel therapeutic relationships between drugs and disease conditions by conducting a comprehensive and systematic comparison of drug and disease gene expression signatures through various gene array studies. From this information, an extensive gene regulatory network is created consisting of genes, gene expressions, proteins, biochemical processes and pathways, regulatory processes, and their involvement in diseases and conditions. Matrix Biomed, Inc. combines this information with their own independent analysis of the diseases, pathways, biochemical process, and pathologies associated with various modulations of those genes. This strategy can be applied to numerous compounds in the public arena exhibiting enormous therapeutic benefits but whose potential is not being realized based on an inability to obtain patent protection. Additionally, Matrix Biomed, Inc.’s patent procurement strategy and USPTO granted claims provide a much broader population group compared with industry standard patents, through the modulation of gene expressions that can be applied to a multitude of diseases and conditions. This dual ability to recapture lost or expired intellectual property rights of public compounds while also obtaining patent claims granting broader exclusivity rights poise Matrix Biomed, Inc. for considerable success generating unparalleled intellectual property rights.

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